Autistic Adults in North Shore to Receive Increased Support

The days where hundreds of Illinois’ autistic adults and their families had to make a long, inconvenient trip to the Northwest suburbs for support and resources are long gone.

In light of this newfound accessibility to services now available closer to home for so many, state-funded Clearbrook, the most prominent supporter of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in Illinois, has opened new facilities in the North Shore’s Evanston and Northbrook neighborhoods. 

Clearbrook serves over 6,000 children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities in over 160 communities throughout Chicago and the suburbs. Autistic adults' accessibility to North Shore is not only an expansion distance-wise, it is also an expansion of positive changes and useful resources to fully support those affected by autism.

Autism is vastly changing, and Clearbrook is on top of this evolution in both new locations with a fully-equipped with resource room, a lending library, on-site nurses, and a dedication to learning that stems from Clearbrook’s wisdom of 60 years.

To learn more about Clearbrook and its exciting addition to the North Shore community, please visit http://www.clearbrook.org.


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