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Looking for another summer option for your kids? Have a custom camp in your home! This summer, in addition to our one-on-one tutoring and test prep, Aristotle Circle Peer Tutors is offering a unique option to families of students in grades K-12: Custom Camps. These are group sessions for 3-4 students, on the topic of their choice, conducted by one of our Peer Tutors. These sessions can be scheduled around the students' other commitments - an hour or two a day, once a week, whenever you like, and on the subject that excites the students. Here are just a few ideas: Star Gazing; The Roots of Rock Music; Movie Making Techniques; Science in the Kitchen; Living History; Bienvenue a Paris!; First Step to College; Unpacking Standardized Testing. We can tailor a custom option for your student. Languages, sports, music, reading, writing, math, or as off-the-wall as you like - if we have a tutor who can do it, we can make it happen. See our website for more details: http://peers.aristotlecircle.com/page/summer-tutoring-2013 Or give me a call and let me tell you about our talented tutors and what they can do for your student this summer (and during the school year)! Aristotle Circle Peers hires talented local high school and college students to tutor students in grades K-12. We currently have over 40 Northwestern, ETHS, and Roycemore students as tutors, plus a network of tutors across the country. We offer one-on-one in-home tutoring at affordable rates. We proudly donate hours to silent auctions and to non-profit organizations, including Family Focus and ETHS Wildkit Academy. A limited number of scholarships and sliding rates are available. Mindy Wallis Regional Education Advisor, Aristotle Circle Peers (formerly Peer2Peer Tutors) E: mindy@aristotlecircle.com C: 312-725-3886


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