Evanston Moms Connection

Fellow parents of Evanston,
I invite you to join my new network called Evanston Moms Connection.  It is not exclusive to those residing in Evanston, I welcome moms/parents in the surrounding areas too!The idea stemmed from a group I belonged to in Seattle.  It was an amazing network of moms/parents in Seattle that helped me find an in home daycare for my daughter, an accountant, a renter for my house, a specific toy for my daughter.....the list goes on!As parents we have a special connection to fellow parents.  Although I have a fantastic group of friends, I have found you can never have too many fellow moms to seek advice/support/ recommendations...you name it!While the group in Seattle had over 1000 members, EMC is just in the conception phase, gotta start someplace!I hope you will help build my network by joining and sharing with any fellow moms/parents in the area. It will take some time, but it's my goal to create a space where we can support each other and build a stronger community.To join, please email me at jaimesulzer@yahoo.com.  Please also share with your neighbors and friends!Thanks for your help in building EMC
Jaime     (Liliana & Dashiell's Mom)
Andrea Quintana February 19, 2014 at 08:03 AM
There is an existing group that has been around for years now and has an extensive network. Check them out. I belonged when my kids were young. https://www.facebook.com/parent.circle.9?fref=ts
Liz Gustafson February 20, 2014 at 11:23 PM
Really? I would have liked to have known about this group when my kids were little. Outreach must be limited, perhaps just by word of mouth? I read all the local papers, online news, go to local events, kids have attended established preschools and so forth. Hopefully EMC will be inclusive and diverse. I still have kids in early grammar school so I welcome this new opportunity! Good Luck!
Andrea Quintana February 20, 2014 at 11:42 PM
I think much of it is word of mouth. Because it's largely volunteer, the budget is limited. I think they used to do more flyer outreach, but with the rise of the internet, I think they have gone more on-line. Some moms stay past their kid's early years because they make great connections [I knew one mom who stayed with her book group into her kids middle school years at least]. I just wanted to let you know that they existed, they draw from the immediate area including surrounding towns, and a well-established structure. I"m still friends with some women I met during my time with them.


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