Melinda Segal, Director of the Kingsley Peace Project with artist Indira Johnson

Emerging Buddha by Indira Johnson
Emerging Buddha by Indira Johnson
On Thursday May 22 6:30-8:30 p.m. Kingsley Elementary School will be hosting a CommUnity Gathering for Peace. Artist Indira Johnson will speak about her Emerging Buddha Sculpture which will be on display in the Kingsley Lobby, all Kingsley students will have participated in the school wide art project for Peace. Student Peace Medals will be on display, Mr. Liepitz's fourth grade class will be performing a dance to Stevie Wonder's "Conversation Peace", choreographed by Melinda Segal (Founder of Kids Can Dance, KCD)  the KCD Dancers For Non-Violence will dance to "Soldier of Love" by Sade, etc. Music School's Evanston Teen Choir will perform a set of songs written and/or arranged for the choir by Director Mike O'Mara, and Broadway dancer MenCa & teacher choreographer from New York (formerly Marion Willis ,ETHS Grad.) will perform a dance solo to Jazz Trumpeter, David Young's,version of "Cristo Redentor" by Donald Byrd. David (also an ETHS grad.) and his family live in Austin, TX
MenCa and David were both perfomers in KCD during their teenage years. The mission of the Peace Project is to inspire a dialogue about increasing peace in our schools, our community and the world,  using the arts as a stimulous and a medium for youth expression.
Please contact: Melinda Segal email: melindasegal@gmail.com for further information.


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