Evanston, IL, May 5, 2014– Theatre Stands With Autism will be performing their second show, Strung Along, from May 8th-10th at Northwestern University. Theatre Stands With Autism (TSWA) produces highly interactive, multi-sensory theatre for children on the Autism Spectrum created solely by undergraduate students. TSWA was founded with the belief that all individuals should have the opportunity to experience theatre in a welcoming, safe environment. Children on the Spectrum are often excluded from typical theatrical productions because of societal expectations in theatre settings and their parents’ fear of interruption and/or overstimulation. Theatre Stands With Autism is the first in the country to produce this type of theatre at the undergraduate level.

“This is the best mother’s day present I could have asked for.” – Audience Member from last year’s production of Theatre Stands With Autism: Diving In!

This project is unique in its focus on creating a very individualized experience; Adventure Guides are paired with a few individual audience members to help guide them through the production. Also families are not charged admission to the performances; all of our income is generated through fundraising efforts. 

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Derek Tucker at 716-579-3876 or email at theatrestandswithautism@gmail.com.


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