Over The Rainbow Volunteers Provide Wheelchair Washes for Arboretum Hill Residents

Volunteers from Over The Rainbow wash the wheelchair of an Arboretum Hill resident.
Volunteers from Over The Rainbow wash the wheelchair of an Arboretum Hill resident.

On Sunday, August 4 the residents of Arboretum Hill Apartments were joined by Patrick Hughes, founder and CEO of Evanston based Inclusive Solutions, and 50 volunteers for an afternoon of volunteer projects and wheelchair washes. 

Arboretum Hill is one of the nine apartment complexes operated by the Over The Rainbow Association and is home to more than 30 physically handicapped residents in Evanston. Each apartment within the complex is designed to be accessible to residents in wheelchairs and features a large kitchen, low cabinets, low sinks and large bathrooms.

The volunteers were members of Over The Rainbow’s Resident Services Program and they arrived with buckets and sponges offering wheelchair cleanings to every resident of Arboretum Hill. The volunteers also completed small projects around the apartment complex and spent time with the residents, painting nails and socializing. 

Events like this are made possible through donations to the Resident Services Program, one of the many programs provided by the Over The Rainbow Association to provide independent living solutions for those with physical disabilities. According to Tara Moran, Vice President of Development, the program’s goal is to increase the quality of each resident’s life by building their connections with existing resources, while allowing volunteers from Evanston to make a difference in their community. As the program continues to grow, it has “launched the initiative to have an organized volunteer force for each apartment community, with the wheelchair wash at Hill Arboretum in Evanston being our test run,” Moran said. 

For more information on Over The Rainbow Association and the Resident Services Program visit http://www.otrassn.org/index.html


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