14 Nominations Received for Libertyville's 'Person of the Year'

Who did you think should receive the title for 2012?

A couple of weeks ago, we here at Libertyville Patch asked you to nominate who you think should be named Libertyville's Person of the Year for 2012.

And, wow, did you respond! We received 27 comments on that story and many nominees, and we plan to feature each of those nominees here on Libertyville Patch in coming weeks. In the meantime, here's a look at who you nominated:

  • Mayor Terry Weppler "for his dedication to the village," said Dave.
  • The crossing guard at Garfield and Rockland Road, nominated by Hair2style, who said that the crossing guard "does a fabulous job with the kids!"
  • Cook Memorial Public Library District Director Stephen Kershner, nominated by Mary Ann Phillips. She said Kershner has expanded the library's programs, and is involved in organizations like MainStreet and Rotary.
  • Jeff McClurg, nominated by many individuals. Kevin Hoffman said McClurg "is selfless and passionate in his service and his support of the community," while Kara Drumke called him "giving, motivational, selfless, ethical and a friend to most Libertyville boys."
  • Jordan Leasure, nominated by Kymberlee Kaye Raya, who said Leasure and her sister "are honest, experienced and … have enormous hearts."
  • Dr. Kathy Putts, nominated by Karyn Hendricks. She said Putts "is loved for her great skills, caring attitude and selfless commitment to both her patients and employees."
  • June McCoy, nominated by Helene Van Sickle, who said McCoy "shows her passion and energy to help others, whether it's lobbying for senior housing or providing shelter for the homeless."
  • Jeff Welch, nominated by John McNally, who said Welch "is a selfless volunteer that has given countless hours of his time" to various groups.
  • Roch Tranel, nominated by Norman Roth. Roth said Tranel "was instrumental in the renovation of the Cook Mansion, held Toys for Tots Christmas Event, always gives back to the community."
  • RobinQuivers nominated the Libertyville High School girls volleyball team for making it to the final four, and Steve Parker, who retired from the United States Navy in 2012.
  • Dale Eggert, nominated by Tammy K.
  • Syd Holmes, nominated by clovergirl for his "tireless recycling efforts in our community."
  • Trustee Jim Moran, nominated by Luke Stowe, who said Moran "has led on many issues, including greater transparency, improved village website and better communications." Stowe said Moran "constantly promotes Libertyville, especially its local businesses."
Lorna Hawk January 09, 2013 at 01:28 AM
Just wanted to let you know the crossing guard is my husband, Bob Hawk. He's a native of Libertyville and although we now live in Grayslake, still loves his home town. We are often at events at the high school and the summer band concerts. He truly loves his kids and his job and has done it for 13 years.
Susan Rudolphi January 09, 2013 at 04:11 AM
I can't think of anyone who works harder to make Libertyville such a great place to live. Jeff McClurg is involved in EVERYTHING and he gets my vote!
Mitchell January 09, 2013 at 10:53 PM
I vote for Dr. Jordan Leasure. I met Dr. Jordan when I came into North Shore Pro Active Health. It was clear that Dr. Jordan genuinely wanted to see my back heal. I have never met anyone so involved with their community. Between her events and charity work, she gives back to Libertyville more then anyone I know!
Mary Kingery January 10, 2013 at 01:11 AM
I would totally recommend and vote for Dr. Jordan Leasure. She is my chiropractor and is terrific. She always made me feel great when I went to see. She is caring and looks at the whole person when developing a health care plan for you. She is a extremely knowledgable in her field and a true professional.
Jenness Moss Stock January 12, 2013 at 01:50 AM
Do we vote just by commenting? Because Jeff for sure gets my vote! Mr. Libertyville is a perfect title for him.


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