"All Kids Cuss" Says Teen Mom of Foul-Mouthed Toddler

A toddler in Omaha was taunted into saying a string of swear words.

The mother of a cursing toddler defends herself in an interview with KETV's Dave Roberts. Credit: CNN
The mother of a cursing toddler defends herself in an interview with KETV's Dave Roberts. Credit: CNN
The 17-year-old mother of a so-called "thug" toddler who knocks over a chair, repeats the N-word and flips his middle finger to the adults off screen says that the viral video isn't really how they live.

"Kids cuss," said the mom, who is not identified because she is a minor. "Every kid does it. He is a smart little boy. All that cussin', he doesn't do that."

The viral video, however, shows that he does. Two people just out of view of the child laugh, taunt, swear at and encourage the toddler to say things that are not suitable to print here. 

The blame lies with the mother and her lack of parenting skills, according to a post by TankThompson on ChicagoNow. "The fact of the matter is all toddlers don't curse but they will if they're sitting around a bunch of young adults who are cursing and asking them to repeat curse words," he wrote.

Authorities stepped into the Omaha home where the child had been living and placed the toddler and other children there into foster care due to safety concerns. The home was also a place with known gang members and was the scene of a drive-by shooting last year, according to CNN.

The toddler's mom insisted she had no part in making the video, that she was in another room.

What do you think? Is swearing no big deal, even for toddlers? Or should adults be held responsible for this behavior? Tell us in the comments.

jim January 23, 2014 at 08:49 AM
Good home training. Kids learn from the Adults around them. It just doesn't come to them out of the blue
Jordan S. Zoot January 23, 2014 at 09:15 AM
Well there is such a thing as Fels Napthia......its brown lye based laundry soap and if you float the bar in water before you put it in the kid's grill it gets stuck in all of the cracks between his teeth. My own experience as a kid suggests it takes 3-4 days to get that nasty taste out of the mouth. If it was done regularly the cussing would stop rather quickly. And NO...A Christmas Story is WRONG you can't go blind from soap poisoning.


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