ETHS Students, Community March Together for Peace

The students organized a community rally after a recent shooting at a nearby McDonald's.

A crowd of Evanston Township High School students, parents, concerned citizens, and city officials marched through town Tuesday holding signs promoting peace and chanting "end the violence!"

The march route passed Smitty's Garage, where , and the McDonald's at Dempster and Dodge where .

"We do not need to have a community where Tyree Green is in pain still and in the hospital," said Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, referring to the teenager shot at McDonald's. "We can have a better community. The one we all want, the one we all dream about, the one that years ago we had. We can stop the violence."

The march, which was organized by the ETHS NAACP, was the launch of what they call the "stop the violence, stop the funerals, start the peace, start the love" campaign.

"It's like we're killing each other ... I really think it's ridiculous and it really shouldn't be happening," said ETHS junior Khadijah Daniels, who held a sign with printed pictures of young men who have been killed in Evanston. Daniels said she was proud to see people stand up for peace, but was disappointed more students didn't attend the rally.

"This school is what, 4,000 kids, and there's not even 1,000 people here," she said.

The event was the third peace march and rally in Evanston this spring. Earlier this month, . The weekend after the shooting at McDonald's, neighbors and other citizens held at the intersection of Dempster and Dodge.

"This is something that matters to each and everyone of us," said ETHS Superintendent Eric Witherspoon. "We march for our community, we march for the youth of this community, we march for every teenager in this community who is at risk when there is gun violence anywhere in our community, and we march for peace."

Lonnie wilson April 27, 2011 at 11:43 PM
I am so proud of our young people, they are taking a stand but unfortunately they are using there parents methodology! See violence in our community is a nuts and bolts issue and it will require a nut and bolts answer! We have created a subculture in Evanston that must be dismantled! Now I am not pointing fingers it wont do any good! But you have a few generation of failed men from 40 to 14 who have not gotten what our wonderful community has to offer! ( I have my own thoughts on that) Some of them in n out of jail others just selling and doing nefarious things, Some for decades, these have become the street teacher of our failed young! See the old African saying it take a villages is true in all aspect, If we wont some in the village will! So how do we attack this mess that's been ignored for ever? Well we tried to arrest our way out! I think is time to become The Evanston we say we are! Let use the minds and tech and dollars of Nu to retrain and train young and middle age men in this Green economy, The City said to the fed it would reduce its carbon footprint lets use the thrown away folks to get it done! I dont have the room to detail my plan but some of it has been stated all over By Van Jones n others but here what cool about my home town! We have a think tank nu, We have smart diverse people, We have some will left, And no 1 will come here to buy a home or do Business if we dont!
Lonnie wilson April 27, 2011 at 11:48 PM
ps, To my Church leadership here in town we also cant pray it away! There should only be 1 prayer Thank you see God gave us all we need we just have to use it our hand, minds , and hearts!
Mikki Hopkins December 13, 2012 at 02:26 AM


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