Kids Leaving for College, Sweet Spots for Home Sellers and More

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As your child leaves for college...

Being the mom of twins has been great - there were only two negatives as they were growing up: they got their driver's licenses on the same day, and they left for college at the same time, leaving me with an emptiness I never knew possible...Well, I wasn't able to wallow in my missing the boys for very long.  The first phone call came the next day.  "Just checking in - my roommate's a cool guy, and oh yeah, I forgot my checkbook."
- Posted by Nancy Donohoe on Arlington Heights Patch

Flyball Relay Race Going to the Dogs in a Big Way

“You’ve never seen anything like this,” said Janet Domrase, with Aldens Kennels. “The speed is incredible – dogs passing each other in opposite directions. And the dogs really have a ball. They just love it.”
- Posted by Rich Rostron on Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Patch

Sweet Spot For Sellers

Our housing market is looking for inventory to sell to buyers. Sellers who would like to move up, move down, or relocate have the window of opportunity wide open, right now.
- Posted by Joan Conlisk on Highland Park Patch

Family Fun in the Summer!

Instead of coming home from work to the same routines, plan a picnic at the park and spend a couple of hours together. You could stay home and play games or take a walk and go for ice cream. Anything that shakes up your usual routine is fun just because it’s different!  
- Posted by Uniquely You Wellness Coaching on Grayslake Patch

Upcoming Events at the North Suburban YMCA

FC United Soccer is coming to the NSYMCA this fall! Beginning September 3, FC United Soccer Club will offer an eight week soccer workshop for kids ages 5-7. Participants will learn basic soccer rules, skills, and teamwork from professional FC United coaches. Get details of this and other upcoming events on their blog.
- Posted by North Suburban YMCA on Northbrook Patch

Life Skills Series - #1: Bending The Box

The point is not to avoid the boxes - aka limitations - of our life. It is actually impossible to do it, since life is unpredictable, throwing at us change after change, box after box. So then what is there to do? The skill that saves our life is: learning to bend the boxes, to fill them with ourselves until we transcend them.
- Posted by Mihaela Marcusanu on Buffalo Grove Patch

Dishwashing Gone Green

Next time you strap on your gloves to tackle the dirty dishes by hand to save energy, think again. Turns out, running a full load through the dishwasher can save 35% of the water used to do a load of dishes by hand. Here are some other tips to make it even more eco-friendly.
- Posted by Gracie Kessenich on Skokie Patch


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