Pet Parrot Returns Home, Surviving 24 Hours in Frigid Cold

Roonah the pet parrot survived a day and a night in the cold only to be found a few doors down from her home.

Peter Silverman and his wife were reunited with their pet parrot, Roonah, after she escaped into Monday's frigid temperatures and survived a day and a night, according to CBS Local.

Silverman's mail carrier found the bird cowering on a porch about half a block way, CBS Local reports

He and his wife posted a note on Patch Monday, asking readers to help look for Roonah

"Two thumbs up to the alert Postal Carrier," wrote commenter S. 

Yay...it's back with its owner! Give it kisseeees!" wrote commenter Dan.
jim January 13, 2014 at 09:21 AM
Per Evanston Review: "Evanston parrot succumbs to exposure"


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