Rip Current Risk Issued for Cook, Lake Counties

The National Weather Service alert is in effect until 10 p.m. Sunday.

The National Weather Service issued a moderate Rip Current Risk Alert Sunday for parts of Cook and Lake County that neighbor Lake Michigan.

Strong winds and high waves have prompted the alert for Rip Currents which "are powerful channels of water flowing quickly away from the shore," according to NWS. These kinds of currents occur at low spots in a sandbar or near jetties, as well as piers.


If caught in a Rip Current, NWS advises to: "Remain calm and begin to swim parallel to shore. Once you are away fromt he force of the Rip Current begin to swim back to the beach. Do not attempt to swim direclty against the Rip Current. Even a strong swimmer can become exhausted quickly." 

Stay tuned to Patch for more coverage on Lake Michigan happenings.


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