Schapiro Issues Apology for Dillo Day Noise

The Northwestern president wrote an open letter about the large number of noise complaints this year, which he said were due to the configuration of the stage.

Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro posted an open letter of apology to Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl for the unusually large number of noise complaints for Dillo Day this year.

He said the configuration of the stage — which pointed south instead of east, as it has in years past due to nearby construction — along with wind patterns, were to blame. He said the school will take this into account next year.

You can read his full letter on Northwestern’s website here.

On Evanston Patch’s Facebook page, one reader wrote: “It was annoyingly loud, and we live far from the campus. We could hear the lousy rap music inside our home, with the windows closed.”

Another agreed that he could hear the noise, but was more forgiving. He wrote: “As a townie, I just want to say that, although I could hear the bands all the way where we are, my feeling was "Good. These NU students need a day to enjoy each other, the sun, some good music." Hope it was fun for you all! Good luck on finals, and have a great summer!”

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Patch Reader June 04, 2014 at 11:30 AM
For the life of me I don't understand why people want to live in a university town, and then don't want to live with university students. NU students are exceptionally well-behaved. One day a year they want to let their hair down and the town goes nuts. It's ONE DAY. You will survive one day of noise for all the benefits the university brings you and your community.


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