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Should Babies Be Banned From Classy Places?

The Alinea crying baby controversy has gone nationwide.

Crying babies in restaurants - weigh in. Credit: Corbis RF
Crying babies in restaurants - weigh in. Credit: Corbis RF
When a Chicago couple brought their 8-month-old baby to the very high-end restaurant Alinea, and that baby cried (as babies do), people got mad.

Other diners complained that a baby shouldn't ruin their expensive meal, that parents with young kids should stick to family restaurants, according to an article on the Huffington Post.

Alinea Chef Grant Achatz didn't mince words, tweeting to say maybe babies should be banned from his upscale restaurant going forward: "And no, in case you were wondering, Alinea -- Chicago's lone restaurant boasting Michelin's coveted three-star rating -- definitely does not have a kids' menu. Nor high chairs."

What do you think? Should babies be banned from nice restaurants and movie theaters? Or should parents have the option to go out whenever they want, even with kids in tow?

Tell us in the comments.
Highlands HP'er January 21, 2014 at 05:46 PM
I agree that ideally parents should be able to judge what their children can handle and I don't have a problem with parents who swiftly take action with misbehaving children. However, I think the big problem is how many parents just don't care or don't notice. Add to this how many managers of establishments that are completely unwilling to correct the issue. I remember struggling to get in to some R rated movies when I was 15. But apparently its ok if you're in a stroller. Movie theatre managers will simply offer to refund your ticket before asking the offending couple to leave. In the case of this Alinea manager, they did nothing. When you go to high end restaurants you are paying for an experience. A baby's crying is one of the most grinding noises. Especially for a 3 hour dinner. I've seen parents bringing 5 year olds in to bars (Be careful of dropping the F bomb at your local pub at 9pm during a bad football play if mom and dad have their darling there). I've heard stories of parents changing their babies diapers on restaurant tables. I'm all for having (well behaved) children around as long as the management will tell parents who wont control their children to leave.
Thomas Breyfogle January 21, 2014 at 09:20 PM
Chuck it !
Torie Felton January 23, 2014 at 10:06 AM
Ban children under 12 y/o from upscale restaurants. Also, from rated R movies! I'm appalled by how many parents bring young children to the theater to be exposed to media they can't possibly understand, nor should they.
fhc January 25, 2014 at 07:19 AM
What should be banned is the word "classy"...every time I hear it my ears bleed from the imagined Long Island whine! But yes, parents should be responsible about sharing their bundles of joy with others...especially in restaurants where the tab is listed as $$$$$ by restaurant critics. What were these people thinking? Why would you want to ruin the evening for other patrons and could they have even enjoyed the evening themselves? Seriously...perhaps this was just a ploy for them to become internet sensations themselves. Super self-centered. Super irresponsible. Super idiotic. Get the mother-in-law over to watch the kid...but DO NOT ever pull a stunt like that again.


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