Storm Damages Evanston Church, Floods Apartments

No one was seriously injured in Thursday's storm, but several buildings sustained damage.

kept Evanston residents indoors and off the roads, but it also caused a fair amount of damage around town.

, 816 Clark St., was hit hardest when part of its façade collapsed, said Evanston City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz. Bricks from the building tumbled out onto the sidewalk, even injuring a few people, he added, though no one was seriously wounded.

Additionally, many parts of Evanston experienced localized flooding. Several Noyes Court apartments had some form of water damage, and one apartment was “seriously flooded”, Bobkiewicz said.

Members of the Evanston Fire Department and city Community and Economic Development staff were reportedly on scene at both locations.

Take a look at the damage sustained by St. James Armenian Church in the photos above.

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