City Added 72 Businesses, 210 Full-Time Jobs in 2013

The following is from the City of Evanston:

Evanston added 72 new businesses and announced 210 new full-time jobs last year according to the 2013 Year-in-Review released today by the City's Economic Development Division.

The report, at www.cityofevanston.org/assets/2013YearInReview.pdf, details new business openings, job creation, the city’s improving employment rate, commercial building vacancy rates, and more. 2013 highlights include:

  • The city's unemployment rate dropped more than a full percentage point over the year, from 7.4 percent in January to 6.3 percent in December. 
  • More than $30 million in commercial building activity occurred, including new construction and rehabilitation of existing spaces. Major projects included the opening of Trader Joe's and the nation's first net-zero energy Walgreens store on Chicago Ave.

The report provides comprehensive data from each quarter.

The City of Evanston Economic Development Division’s mission is to redevelop distressed properties, revitalize neighborhoods, provide job opportunities, generate sustainable tax revenue, and bring amenities to city neighborhoods through local investment. As part of these goals, the division releases an economic report on a quarterly basis.


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