Pensiero Ristorante Reopens After Fire Next Door

The Oak Street business closed shortly for cleaning, but is now open for dinner.

, the restaurant next to the down Tuesday in an extra-alarm blaze, is once again open for business.

The building housing the restaurant and the Margarita European Inn was slightly damaged in the fire and closed briefly for cleaning. On the night of the blaze, flames licked the side of the building and heavy smoke lingered in the area.

"This was a very frightening experience, as we had about 30 guests staying in our bed and breakfast hotel as well. We feel very blessed that our historic building did not suffer more damage and that no one was injured," read a press release sent out by the restaurant. 

"Now more than ever we hope that our guests will come out and support us " owner Michael Pure said in the release. "We are looking forward to seeing new and  familiar faces, as that will make us very happy!"


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