Reaction to The Keg's Fate is Mixed

Many see it as happening too late, others worry about the empty storefront it will leave behind.

The comments about the demise of — both those who say good riddance and those who wish it weren't so — have been flooding in since Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl announced Monday that because of underage drinking violations.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 64 percent of the 249 people who answered a on the subject said they thought the bar was doing the best it could and that it shouldn't be shut down. (The poll is still open and included at the bottom of the article, so add your vote if you haven't already.)

Here's a sampling of the comments that people posted on the original story and on Evanston Patch's Facebook page, as well as what's been floating around the Twittersphere:

Cyndi Gage wrote on Facebook: They were given SEVEN! years to get their act together. During that time there were 111 alcohol related incidents. All they had to do was card people coming in. I mean, how easy would that have been. They should have been shut down years ago. (and I'll bet most of the 50% that wanted it to stay open were underage drinkers)

Gregg R. Baker wrote on Facebook: The Keg should be closed for good. Every company can make a mistake, but they've made several. And they are putting our community at risk. Not only should they be closed for good, but I would like to see the City of Evanston pass a The Keg Policy which basically clamps down hard enough that no future Kegs will be able to open in our midst.

Andrew North wrote on Facebook: oh go away you must like deadville usa cause gess what it's evanston fools

Evanston Eastsider wrote in the comments: The mayor's bumbling and ineptitude in her dealings with new and existing Evanston businesses would be funny, if only it weren't at the expense of we, the citizenry. Mayor Tisdahl's reign of terror on this city cannot end soon enough.

And Evanston Resident retorted with: 111 alcohol-related ordinance citations since 2005 - that means they've averaged 1-2 citations per month for the last seven years. Yeah, revoking their liquor license is really unreasonable.

Jason Arican Tweeted: Today, The Keg of Evanston was closed down. Tomorrow, I start my 7 days of mourning.

While David Uberti tweeted: You can't argue against closing #TheKeg. You just can't.

rlbowser February 03, 2012 at 02:53 PM
This place has been a mess for years - underage drinking, fatal shootings, etc. Good riddence - it used to be a really good place to go many years ago - but lately it is a blight on Evanston. I am no Pollyanna - but we do not need the violence and lawless ness that this place seems to generate now. If our alternative or this or an empty storefront, then leave it empty.
lucas February 03, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Evanston Liquors needs to be closed. Seems they arrested the clerk this week for selling to minor. Food stores are letting liquor to be stoled they should lose license also.
mij February 04, 2012 at 03:57 AM
Good plan. Probably why there are so many empty stores around town. Guess city paying close to a million dollars to get a business here that genarates no revenue you probably think is a good plan also
DeVincentis February 08, 2012 at 08:48 PM
Everything I've read suggests that Keg management did try to control underage drinking. What would be the point of selling a few drinks, knowing that the Ayatollah Tisdahl would shut your business totally down! I remember being in college; fake IDs were a dime a dozen. It seems to me that if the EPD went in there one night, closed the door, and arrested every underage patron with a fake ID, and prosecuted them with a hefty fine, word would get out and the problem would have been mostly solved. Not sure what an owner can do about fake IDs that appear to be authentic.
lucas February 08, 2012 at 09:02 PM
Well said DeVincentis. They wonder why Evanston looks "ANTI BUSINESS" .


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