MAGA Presents Three Presentations On Long Term Care Planning

Brian and Murray Gordon Focus on the Past, Present and Future

    On Thursday, December 5th, Brian I. Gordon, president of MAGA Ltd., in Riverwoods,
Illinois, was on a Forbes/NAPFA Panel Discussion directed at financial advisors discussing the
options people have for long term care (LTC), and what the demographics are going to be in the
future. This webinar session provided the latest information regarding plan designs, state
partnership plans, the latest underwriting criteria, pricing, Asset-Based (Hybrid) and traditional
LTC plans and case studies. This taped panel discussion allowed more than 1,000 national
attendees to ask questions, which the panel was able to answer via phone calls.
           On the panel along with Gordon was Forbes writer and author Howard Gleckman and
John Dobosz, the deputy editor of investing content for Forbes and editor of Forbes Dividend
Investor, who agreed to moderate the discussion.
    During the webinar, Gordon presented the 2013 Cost of Care Survey, client strategy for
providing for LTC, the lack of  federal and state government plans, and the introduction of new
products. “New products are coming with greater pricing complexity as insurers’ attention
focuses on profit, risk and pricing,” he says. “In addition, gender-based premium pricing began in
the spring and most major LTC carriers have implemented this policy. There is also a movement
toward mortality-based (life insurance) underwriting.”
    On Saturday, December 7th at Belmont Village in Buffalo Grove, MAGA CEO Murray A.
Gordon was part of a luncheon panel titled: Help Me! I have a Senior Parent! This program
focused on understanding the aging journey options and resources touching upon legal, hospice,
therapy and LTC. Gordon’s Generational Long Term Care Planning presentation provided
information for the adult children who will need to determine their long term care solution for
their parents as well as themselves.
    A third educational program this month was presented by Brian Gordon on December
16th, at a Lunch and Learn meeting at Peck Bloom, LLC Attorneys at Law. “With the Long Term
Care Insurance (LTCI) industry amidst change, many legal and financial advisors are embracing
the fact they can’t ignore its impact on their clients,” says Gordon. “LTCI will continue to be a
crucial element of a comprehensive financial plan. As the LTCI industry continues to evolve, we
know the importance of advisors having a conversation with their clients addressing the question:
`How will you pay for your LTC?` There is no denying people are living longer thanks to
medical technology, but it also comes with a price.”   

    The 2013 National Cost of Care Survey that Brian Gordon discussed at the
Forbes/NAPFA Panel Discussion is now available. If you would like MAGA to forward the
information to you, please contact them.
    If you have any questions or need assistance finding the right LTCI policy for you or your
clients, please contact Brian Gordon (brian@magaltc.com) or Vice President Peter Florek at
(peter@magaltc.com). You may also call 800-533-6242 or visit their website at:



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