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Chicago, Illinois, June 4​, 2014 – Yellow Tractor announces its partnership with Scott Simpson Builders (SSB), a client-driven design-build company based in Northbrook, Illinois, for an educational corporate wellness program launching June 14.

On June 14, Yellow Tractor and SSB will install two 4’ x 8' X 1' turnkey raised garden beds at the headquarters of Scott Simpson Builders at 1529 Shermer Road in Northbrook. Together with SSB employees, families and friends, Yellow Tractor will establish these gardens on company property to assist SSB in its desire to promote a company culture of health and wellness by growing local, fresh food on site. "We want to affect people where they spend most of their time: in the workplace," says Co-Founder and CEO Wendy Irwin. "By putting gardens in corporate settings, we are providing interactive employee wellness and empowering people to live healthier lives during the work day and also when they return home to be with their families."

Along with providing healthy, sustainable produce for SSB employees and their families to enjoy, this project aims to shed light on Yellow Tractor's efforts to bring local, fresh food to underserved communities through its nonprofit arm, The Yellow Tractor Project (TYTP). TYTP creates customized fruit and vegetable gardens to empower people everywhere to grow their own affordable and healthy food. TYTP gardens are located across Chicagoland and Evanston in unconventional locations including affordable housing for veterans and seniors, parking lots, and at-risk youth programming and job training centers.​

​Yellow Tractor has been named a finalist in GoodCity's IntoSomethingGood competition for organizations transforming Chicago and Irwin will be speaking at next week's GoodWorkChicago conference. Irwin​ was recently ​selected as one of GOOD Magazine’s list of global GOOD 100, a collection of 100 innovative individuals changing the way we live. 



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