Evanston Could Limit Door-to-Door Soliciting

The city seeks to regulate door-to-door soliciting to daylight hours only.

Evanston is looking at tighter restrictions on panhandlers and solicitors, the city’s aldermen recently voted to introduce an ordinance that could limit door-to-door soliciting to daylight hours only, Evanston Now reported. 

The city prohibits panhandling or begging in business districts and requires merchants who sell from carts or vehicles to have license but the city does not an ordinance restricting people who come to your door, Evanston Now reported.

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victoria smith January 31, 2013 at 01:29 PM
Johova's witness parisheners love to come to our door, as do kids selling magizines to put them through college, and we have a sign on our front door that says "No solicitors" Doesn't seem to do much good. I get more tired of people asking for money outside of the grocery stores and Walgreens.


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