Who Do You Trust To Do Your Taxes in Evanston?

Vote for your favorite in our weekly Readers' Choice series where we ask you to share your Evanston wisdom with fellow readers.

With the arrival of April there's also the burden (or joy?) of doing taxes.

As the April 15 deadline breathes heavy down our necks, Evanston Patch wants to know: Who do you trust to do your taxes?

See your trusted CPA or lawyer in our directory's list of 19 places? Then leave a review to count for your vote.

Or are you loyal to someone not listed? Share your preparer's name in the comments below to vote.

Based on your reviews and comments, we'll name one local tax preparer the best in town. Evanstonians have until Friday at 9 a.m. to participate. You can vote regardless if you've filed your taxes yet. Remember you can always file for an extension!


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