Evanston Library's Mother Falcon Takes to Twitter

Nona, the peregrine falcon who is raising her family atop the Evanston Public Library, has started a Twitter account. When she's not occupied feeding her fledglings or watching over the eggs that have yet to hatch, the busy mom shares her thoughts.

Joining Twitter luminaries @justinbieber, @ladygaga and Evanston's own satirical @mayoremanuel is Nona, the peregrine falcon who's raising her family atop the Evanston Public Library.

Since April 24, Nona has been sharing her thoughts via @EplFalcon.

"I'm one of the fastest creatures on earth, I live at the , and I'm lovin' life," is how Nona describes herself.


Recently, the busy mom tweeted about her two fledglings that have hatched and even shared a photo of feeding time. 

She also commented on the demands of motherhood, given two more eggs have yet to hatch.

"When the others are out, keeping them all in line will be interesting," she tweeted on Monday. "I only have two wings, you know!"

While Nona is new to Twitter, she and her partner, Squawker, have shared their lives on Facebook since 2010.


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