Say Hello to Evanston Patch's Newest Bloggers

Our three new bloggers are covering everything from yoga to special education to home health care. Are you interested in joining Evanston Patch as a blogger? It's super easy.

Evanston Patch is thrilled to welcome our three newest bloggers to the site!

Below are excerpts from their first posts. If you’re interested in starting a blog on the site, just click here and start writing. All are welcome!

Steve Galindo, vice president of North Shore Yoga, which has studios in Evanston and Northfield, wrote about a tantalizing idea: how yoga just might be able to solve the world’s problems:

We more commonly think of Yoga as a set of exercises that is going to give us strong abs and a shapely bum, but the real benefit of these ancient practices is the peace it brings not only to individuals but to entire communities. As one practices Yoga the effect on every aspect of ones being changes, the physical, energetic and even spiritual aspects move toward calmness and harmony or in other words--oneness!

Evanston’s kicked off with detailed information about what you should know about your child’s IEP, or Individualized Education Program:

Trying to decipher the acronyms in the special education world is overwhelming.  IEP?  504?  IDEA?  RTI?  Tackling this task while caring for your child with special needs and managing all of your other responsibilities is nearly impossible, right?

Having accurate information about special education laws and processes is the first step.  Arm yourself with information and resources from an expert, so that you’re ready for those school meetings to begin.

Silver Care, a home care service that Patch wrote about earlier this year when , has started blogging, too. discusses why it’s so important for caregivers to care for themselves, too:

Just because you’re a caregiver it doesn’t mean you can’t take time for yourself. In fact, taking a break can improve your outlook, your health and your attitude.


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