Evanston Takes On Cans for Cash Recycling Challenge

April is the official 'Evanston CAN Recycle' month.

With the arrival of April comes the chance for Evanston to win up to $25,000 in the Cans for Cash City Recycling Challenge.

Cities across the country compete to see who can recycle the most aluminum beverage cans. The challenge kicked off Monday and runs through April 30, according to a press release from the city.


"Evanston community members do not need to do anything extraordinary. They simply need to make certain that all of their aluminum cans are placed in recycling containers throughout April," according to the city's website.

If Evanston wins money for its recycling efforts, the funds go to support local education and awareness programs on environmentalism. This is the sixth year Evanston has participated in the contest, which is sponsored by The United States Conference of Mayors, Novelis Corporation and Keep America Beautiful, Inc.

Businesses and residents are asked to participate.

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