Another death, another day...and the rich get richer. Is it time yet?

We have to look deeper to see the real enemy and to rise above false divides.

Is it time yet, to wake up?  We have been conquered, as in divided and conquered. It's not that hard, really, when you think about it.  If you were a really diabolical person, and had two children...it wouldn't take too much effort to raise them to become enemies, each competing for your love, affection, food, money.

So...It's not that hard for what, for the pupose of this blog, I will call the Powers That Be....to divide and conquer us.  Let me be a bit more specific.  

Here in our lovely suburb, or almost suburb, of Evanston....we have rising crime, schools disintegrating into chaos, empty store fronts, and now...the death of a young man...Dajae.  All human beings are PRECIOUS, as was Dajae.  So our mayor is calling for a gun buy back, as the good people of Evanston are demanding a response.  However, I believe, as is our lot, we will react...not respond.  What's the difference?  Well...

When one is threatened, it takes a bunch of energy to respond, where a reaction doesn't take much at all.  Re-acting is about the "action"...not much about the philosophy or gnawing on universal wisdom in order to come up with a sensible response.  Responding however, has, in the etemology itself...response, responsible...as in we take responsibility...for our action.  This, of course, requires thought, and the affore mentioned gnawing on the universe a bit before entering into the action mode.

By that very definition, reaction is ineffectual.  Otherwise, we'd all have figured out the problem and the solution by now, no?  In this case, the supposed solution is the gun buy back.  This has already been shown to be an ineffectual fix.

Nevertheless, Evanstonians, being...dare I say??? knee-jerk "liberals," will all bandy about the mayor's solution...."yes, yes...let's buy back their guns...then we can be done with this nasty business and go back to sleep, secure in our belief that we are kind, unbiased and loving human beings that seek only to help mankind."  

In the meantime, former "hippie" liberal couples will secretly discuss whether or not to purchase a gun to defend their home, property and family from increasingly violent surroundings.  But wait...that would land them in enemy territory!  What to do?  How do I hold onto my "peace and love" self image and think about protecting my family?

Hello, we are in a brave new world, in case you hadn't noticed.  As my father told me over and over again..."Junie...it's going to come down to the haves and the have nots!"  And so it is.  

All of us, unknowingly, serve the elite class by killing one another in some circles, and marginalizing one another in the more "polite" circles...where Democrats and Republicans demonize each other behind closed doors.  The elites, those in charge of the monetary/banking/military/industrial complex...in the meantime, laugh all the way to the bank.  

They don't care what gang or party you belong to. They're going to get theirs either way.  And you, dear readers, will continue to waste your energy on fighting apparent foes who in reality could be your greatest allies against the creeping centralization and corporatization of power that is rendering this and other countries impotent.


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Sully October 03, 2012 at 02:29 PM
Winnetka, there are a great many "successful" people who do not seek more money or power, who do not want to profit off of polluting the sky and water, who do not want to make conditions barely manageable so they don't have to pay more for something that will be safer. People can actually be successful and not greedy at the same time. They actually care about the human condition rather than hiding money in off shore accounts and sending jobs overseas so the workers don't have to be paid as much. If you really believe corporate CEOs are the job creators, and would pay taxes if they just weren't so high, you're very naive.
june shellene October 04, 2012 at 03:25 AM
Can you imagine people, today, walking around with visible guns in Evanston, like in an old Western? The Evanston Police would be getting 100 phone calls a minute! Just speculating,and inviting dialogue. Yes, the world is very different now than it was in the mid 1800's. So how do we really become clear about what's at stake here? We have several subcultures in Evanston, but the two that seem to be at play in the current patch debate regarding the gun buy back program are the "progressive" or "liberal" whites...who, by and large, have jobs, security, and maybe a nice house and an intact family. OK, this is NOT perfect...so forgive me for not being politically correct here. Frankly, Scarlet, I don't give a damn! Then you have the "minority" or black community, in whose cross-fire Dajae was killed. So, roughly speaking...is this a clash of cultures? I'd have to say, well, yeah, it is. But, let's be fair. Who has the upper hand? Well, duh...the white folks with the money do, and we know that...so...ok...we want to take the guns from those black folks. OK...play fair then, and go into every home, regardless of race or wealth, and get their guns too. Otherwise, this is just a plan to disarm the poor, no? After all, most white folk around here won't be motivated to sell their guns for a few bucks, now will they? Come on now, play fair y'all.
Sally October 04, 2012 at 03:34 AM
Please tell us how you get a "safer, sane culture in which folks don't feel the need to defend themselves". Where are the studies showing that vauge slogans are more beneficial than gun buy backs?
Sally October 04, 2012 at 03:39 AM
I'm confused. Dajae was part of the "minority" community that you refer to and his alleged killer was part of the same community I presume, but from an "intact family". You seem to want to put everyone in a box and it's much more complicated than that.
june shellene October 04, 2012 at 04:04 AM
Sally....I'm confused because of Sully's presence, so I'm assuming you're Sally, not Sully.... The last thing I want to do is put anyone in a box...so, Dajae got caught in the cross fire...not saying he was part of that subculture. And...let me add, if he was, I have no judgement to pass on that. I myself don't fit into a box...as I do not subscribe to any "party" line. I'm just a human being out here, trying to make sense of a world that doesn't make sense. However, I try not to get into self-defense in these patch exchanges. My goal, really, is to challenge and invite dialogue beyond the boxed-in left/right paradigm people have bought into via a hopelessly compromised media. So, my time is very limited right now, and I will not seek to defend myself any further. I've written over 50 blogs or so on patch. If you want to know more about my point of view, you can access it there. If you want to challenge me, that's fair...just forgive me if I do not respond.


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