Audit The Fed? But why should we know THEIR business?

The fleecing of America in one short blog, and a chance to fight back with a few clicks of the ol' mouse.

Because it's OUR money.  

But you'd never know that by how the central banks act.

We're told it's our money...our collective wealth.  The almighty dollar, our currency. Thing is, they consider it theirs...so they print as much as they want and use to it lend, at near zero interest, to whomever THEY see fit.  And it ain't you...cause, (George Carlin, once again)...you ain't in the CLUB!

You know who gets their free money?  The giant too big to fail banks, for one.  And do they, in turn, lend it to you?  NO!  You can't prove you can pay it back at a far higher premium than they got it from the feds.  Why?  Because you're in trouble financially, like most people.  Underwater in your mortgage...yeah, the same mortgage that was bundled into a batch and sold to investors....somewhere...before the whole thing blew up, and made the too big to fails rich...why?  Because they placed huge bets against those investments.  Why?  Because they KNEW they'd blow up.  How?  They planned the whole thing.  You didn't think banks would just start promoting the idea of giving everybody and anybody a loan to buy a house, no matter their ability to pay, because they really really wanted everybody to be happy, do you?  NO!  They wanted to be richer...and it was an easy thing to accomplish because everybody in American wants the DREAM!  Hello!

So now they figure you don't need to know what they're doing, cause you're too dumb to understand...and you should just trust them and shut up!!!  Are they right?  You tell me...you tell me.

If they're right, you won't click on this link and get yourself signed up in order to sign the White House Petition to Audit the Federal Reserve.  If they're wrong, you will.  

I hope they're wrong.


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