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Everybody Plays The Fool, right here on Patch or...A hint to Christine Wolfe.

A few heroes, a few villains, and gobs and gobs of fools. Let's change this equation before it's too late.

Have you ever seen or read a Shakespeare play?  How clearly the characters are drawn.  The archetypes (villain, hero, fool) all clearly illustrated without resorting to simple minded, black and white thinking.


I believe we are fools, by and large.  Fools base their assumptions on half truths.  They are optimistic and have little ability to self reflect.  When challenged, they are quick to justify their views, no matter how absurd, shallow or misinformed.   They are tragic and funny.


We are however, by and large, not villains.  Villains plot and scheme to gain power, influence, and wealth.  They don’t care about anyone else, and if they do, even those people will be sacrificed if they even suspect they have been slighted or betrayed (Othello).


Why do I suggest you, dear reader, are a fool?  And I include myself, because, though I strive to become a hero instead, I, like all of us, am a work in progress.  I will say, I believe I have made some progress in the last few years, as I have, as those who read my blogs will know, become a political atheist.  I support neither Romney nor Obama, nor do I profess to be a Democrat or Republican.  These things have become repugnant to me, and I am bitter about the money I gave Obama in 2008.


You know, too, that I talk a lot about the banking and financial system.  If you have read my blogs, and have been compelled to click on the links I provide and to do further research into the system which has us all by the balls, then I applaud your efforts to move out of the fool archetype.  You are on your way to becoming a hero.


Why?  Because, dear reader, when you are with friends or family and feel the urge to talk about the things you are learning, you will be ignored, laughed at, ridiculed, screamed at, accused of being a dirty republican (if you live in Evanston), humiliated, talked about behind your back, excluded, or all of the above.  If you really stick to your convictions of wanting to understand the world you live in, you will suffer.  So, welcome to the road to becoming a hero.  Not easy.


There are ways to mitigate the pain.  You can do your research, and not say a word, and nod when people talk politics or start denigrating the Republicans while lauding Obama and the democrats or vise versa if you live in another region of the country.


Perhaps, as I have done, you will meet other people on the road to being a hero.  You will delight in having found a fellow traveller who, like you, sees both parties as fronts for a system run by criminals.  Someone who shares your concerns over the future of American and the world.  Someone, like you, who has a hard time talking to people they are close to about what they are learning.  


I do not wish to make you afraid.  However, I know if I tell you voting in this presidential election will not make any difference as long as the money criminals are in charge, you will feel vulnerable.  You are used to thinking you have the power, no matter how limited, of the vote.  This one belief keeps you in a sort of limbo, unhappy about what is going on, but hopeful that things will get better.  Unsure about the future, but not in despair.


Herein lies the rub.  If enough of us put forth the effort to learn about the banking and financial system, how it governs our high level politicians and our financial lives by manufactured booms, busts, and market turmoil, how it keeps us deceived through its ties to corporate owned media, how it keeps us divided on emotional hot button issues and unable to focus on the more difficult to understand underlying fraudulent money system that keeps the .001% (a much smaller number than the proverbial 1%) so fabulously rich while the rest of us starve, struggle, or die slow deaths due to stress, then we can change the world.  


But, yes.  First you have to move through the fear.  Am I afraid?  YES!  Do I have hope?  Yes, but not because of Obama, dear God!  Do you really think he just needs another four years to make things good again, if only he could defeat the evil Republicans?  It’s not going to happen people.  The only one who can change things is you, and you, and you, and you.  US, together, the United States of People.  WE THE PEOPLE.  


Here’s a hero.  Jim Rickards has walked the halls of power all his life.  He is a highly regarded expert in the world of banking and finance.  He says it like it is.  He wrote a best seller which was released last year.  The Treasury Department took notice, and requested a meeting with him, and he’s testified before congress more than once.  I recommend his book.  It’s called Currency Wars.  Get it.  Read a chapter a week, if that’s what you have time for.  Go to his blog.  He’s telling us what we need to know. 


While our heads are squarely up our rear ends, there is light being shed all around by heroes.  Check them out.  Jim Rickards is one of the best.


Listen to his recent interview, Banking Crime Wave at jimrickards.blogspot.com


June Shellene



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Shane Colton August 31, 2012 at 09:09 PM
June -- I'm confused. Is Christine a fool because she picked a side, or because she didn't pick your side? Is participating in the election at hand -- choosing whichever of the two realistic candidates hews closest to one's personal views and beliefs -- more foolish than pontificating on the futility of the electoral process while everyone else casts their vote? We should all be smart enough to want a better system, but not participating in the one we're currently stuck with seems like the fool's path.
ken crawshaw August 31, 2012 at 09:18 PM
June....you said "when you are with friends or family and feel the urge to talk about the things you are learning, you will be ignored, laughed at, ridiculed, screamed at, accused of being a dirty republican (if you live in Evanston), humiliated, talked about behind your back, excluded, or all of the above." Maybe you should find a better group of friends......or better yet.....stop calling everyone (including Christine) a fool.
Michele S. Hays August 31, 2012 at 09:40 PM
Maybe Patch should put up a "Flag as inappropriate" button next to posts instead of just next to comments. There is absolutely no reason to call someone out by name in a public, political disagreement. I hope the poster reconsiders her title and edits out the personal remarks.
Richard Schulte September 02, 2012 at 12:26 AM
"There is absolutely no reason to call someone out by name in a public, political disagreement." If you disagree with someone who has been so bold as to publish something for others to read, why shouldn't you call them out? If you don't want to be "called out", keep quiet. Criticism is part of life-get used to it. If you are confident enough in your viewpoints and perspective, then criticism just rolls off your back. Christine Wolf is a big girl now-she can take it. Certainly, Christine knew that she would get grief from someone if she wrote an article supportive of Obama. BTW, Michele S. Hays's post just chastised June in public. Don't you think that's a little personal Ms. Hays? You just did the exact same thing that you criticized June for doing. June is a big girl too-she knows she is going to get grief for whatever she writes sooner or later. Keep writing June and Christine.
Richard Schulte September 02, 2012 at 12:30 AM
You can only be offended by what someone else says if you let yourself be offended. Only a fool would be offended by someone calling them a fool. If you're not a fool, why would you be offended by someone calling you a fool. You know it's not true, so it doesn't matter. I think it's called self-confidence. Who cares what other people think about you?


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