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Grass Roots around GMO's catching fire. Join Eric Lieberman and me. Be there or be square!

I'm hip...Eric Lieberman is hip...are you hip? Time to say no to GMO's. Visit our site for some good news for a change. Go to Evanston GMO Watch online at www.egmow.org

I'd like to propose, from this moment forward, that if you do not know what a GMO is, that you, dear reader, could become known as being UNHIP!  That's right.  A real SQUARE, in beat generation venacular.  

So, dig it, man...that's everyone, in case you were born too late to understand that I mean no disrespect to women...being one myself.  So, again...dig it man!  GMO means Genetically Modified Organism.  

Now, people in the know love to hate Monsanto, that huge international corporation gobbling up land all over the world in order to grow THEIR weird crops...which no one else is allowed to grow, as THEY have patented THEIR seeds, and will ruin any farmer unfortunate enough to have THEIR patented seed blow onto his land.

Though THEIR crops may resemble the corn, canola, soy and cotton (that's about all we now grow here in the once diverse and bountiful midwest) they are NOT the real thing.  The good news is, there are still some scientists in the world who have not been bought and paid for by the corporate government we still so alarmingly refer to as a democracy.  In fact, Obama appointed Michael Taylor, vice president of the evil and widely hated Monsanto as...gulp!...Sr. Advisor to the Commissioner of the FDA...yes, the food and drug administration!  So, democrat or republican...don't matter people...the fix is in!  Just last month Jan Schakowsky wrote me to tell me how she believed GMO's weren't that bad!  Well, I'm not buying it, and the great news is...neither are lots of awakening people...democrat, republican, libertarian, and anarchist...cause we ALL EAT...and we don't want to eat those funny organisms now hiding in millions of packaged foods all over the world....just don't want to do it!

My husband, Eric Lieberman, (Yes, he's now running for 18th district State Rep) and I started the Evanston GMO Watch last spring.  We visited the famed beekeeper Terrance Ingram out in the Galena area when we found out the state had killed his bees.  Terrance had been doing a little too much research on Monsanto's famous poison, Round Up, and trying to help his bees survive the growing colony collapse. Eric was hoping to help him in a second hearing with the state...but it was denied.

Well, the good news is...people are getting HIP in greater numbers...so don't be left behind!  Dig it...GMO's are bad for you, bad for your children, and bad for the earth. The only thing they're good for is the gobble-up-the-world-profit-mongering monster, MONSANTO.  They are the food equivalent of GOLDMAN SACHS, the wealth gobbling monster Matt Taibbi so lovingly writes about in the Rolling Stone and whose former execs show up all over the world in Obama's cabinet and other frighteningly high offices.  

(Before you attack me for being a Romney supporter...forget it...real leaders, philosophers and deep thinkers NEVER make it to high-office candidacy...that would be too threatening to the guys behind the scene who are currently robbing and poisoning all the people of the planet...and loving every minute of it!)

Eric and I will be distributing more shopping guides for people wishing to avoid buying and ingesting dangerous GMO food.  See you on a street corner soon!  Here's a link to our website with the latest news about lots of people getting HIP!  www.egmow.org


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