Great News! A new foundation has been established. Freedom of the Press Foundation.

A new press! Perhaps we will be FREE AT LAST!

This is great news for all you people who are at least a little suspicious of the mainstream, corporate owned press.  Bright, honest and prominent people are starting to band together.  In this case Daniel Ellsberg and actor John Cusack are among the founders of Freedom of the Press Foundation.  

Chris Hedges, former war correspondent for the New York Times, and the young, dynamic, emmy award winning former CNN correspondent Amber Lyon, have also broken ranks with the sold-out presstitute class.  I hope to see this trickle turn into a gushing river soon, as more lies come to the fore regarding the fact that we do not live in a democracy, but a corporatocracy rife with subterfuge, lies, pay-offs, and threats.

Surely you've asked yourself...what's going on here?  Why have all the manufacturing jobs been sent overseas?  Shouldn't the government have known better?  or...wait a minute!!!  They never found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq...so what ARE we doing there?  And what are we doing in Afghanistan?  And why are we now under Nato and the UN's direction?  Hey, we don't even vote for those guys.  What is this Fiscal Cliff stuff?  Why is food so much more expensive than it was a few years ago.  I thought Monsanto and the GMO foods were supposed to make food more plentiful and affordable for everyone....so we could feed the starving of the world.  Now, half of the US is dependent on the other half...just to survive! 

For those of you with the courage to open your eyes in this rather scary movie, I have a word of advice.  Every one of you who does open their eyes, to see beyond the lies we are spoon-fed daily by the media, will help us out of this collective nightmare. Darkness is easily overcome with the simple lighting of a match.  Each of us has the opportunity, in these dark times, to help shed light.  However, this does require courage and a sense of being connected to all other humans and the earth itself.  

You have been systematically miseducated about your true nature, and probably consider yourself to be powerless to really change the world.  I beg to differ.  If we all choose to question, to explore, to challenge the reality that we have become convinced of, we have a chance to change it.  If you never saw the movie Truman, starring Jim Carrey, I recommend it.  We're all Truman.

The following link will tell you a bit about this new and exciting foundation.

Be well, be strong, be happy.


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