Politics, Monsanto, and the sad state of the state.

Ah, the joys of running and the funny things you discover on the track.

Gotta love Monsanto.  Really, really big and bad.  Creator of Agent Orange, DDT,and Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone to make those cows make more milk faster, and, of course, more profitable.  All bad for you.  All pushed on the public, with the help of the powers that be, as safe...until, of course, oops...DEADLY!

So now, here we are...hmmm.  Gotta love Monsanto.  They just keep agoing.  It all rolls right off their back.  Gotta love the powers that be.  Michael Taylor, former VICE President of Monsanto, was appointed by Obama to be the main advisor to the FDA!  Whoa!  What gives?  

New York is drowning and California is on fire with proposition 37 which would make it mandatory to label all GMO foods as such. Monsanto...who you gotta love 'em for their tenacity, is spending millions and millions in propoganda to get people to TRUST THEM!


Whoa!  If this vote is not overwhelmingly for labelling GMO foods, then I am abdicating my membership in the human race.  Don't want to be associated with a species that gullible.  No thanks.  I'll join the a wolf pack or something. Maybe the Sasquatch...you know big foot, who reportedly live in very remote areas, which I happen to be fond of anyway.

Now, to all of you Evanstonians who still cling to your party affiliation, overwhelmingly Democratic.  I don't blame you.  What are we to do?  We are offered only two choices in most races, and those which feature more choices present pitiful odds for those outside of the two parties most people cannot see fit to turn their back on.  Thus we seem to be in an eternal loop of voting for the "lesser of two evils."

With this in mind, I am putting forth that there is no greater evil than a company that creates products that harm people and the earth and then reaches into the legislative bodies of our government through financial contributions.

Eric Lieberman and I have been distributing Non-GMO shopping tips from the Institute For Responsible Technology with a letter to remind you of a few facts. Number one, Eric is running for state rep in the 18th district.  Two, you won't see a lot of his signs around here, but he is presenting you with a real alternative to Robyn Gabel, whose signs adorn lawns up and down the district.  

Monsanto is one of Robyn's benefactos, as well as the Democratic Machine which pretty much owns the Springfield Legislature which raised your taxes 67% in 2010...(and no, it's not temporary, and neither will the hike in property taxes they push through once they get re-elected by y'all.)  We have recieved three high gloss, expensive postcards in the mail touting Robyn Gable for re-election.  That's a lot of mula, folks.  We, unfunded by corporations or political machines, have been walking around Evanston handing out these Non GMO shopping tips, and talking about what state to live in after the election...should the expected happen, and the incumbants get re-elected to bamboozle you yet again.

In the meantime, visit our website...Evanston GMO Watch...egmow.org

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