Science...the unlikely discoverer of the Corporatocracy's dirty little secrets.

A missive on the hidden structure of the world's moneyed power elite, and a call to WAKE UP!

In 2011, three complex systems theorists at the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology in Zurich combined math along with comprehensive coporate data to map ownership of the world's transnational coporations (TNC's).  Their work revealed 1,318 corporations with interlocking relationships tracked through ownership of shares.  From there they discovered a "super-entity" of 147 corporations, all of whom owned stakes in the other 146!  Whoa!  Is this a little weird, scary, or what???  This means less than 1% of the TNC's could control 40 % of the entire network.  

Not surprisingly, these were not "producing" companies providing clothes, food, housing or energy.  Nope, nothing we the people need to get by.  Too boring for them.  Most were financial institutions.  They used to call them money launderers or money changers.  In fact, only one of the top 50 made anything but money, China Petroleum.  The vast (much more than 99%) majority of humans on the planet are working with no hope of getting ahead, while making this tiny elite richer every day. Entities like JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, Bank of American... are the guys collecting interest on all this debt, crippling countries and individuals.  By the way, they get money from the Federal Reserve for close to 0% interest, then gamble it in the deadly derivatives market they rig via huge leveraged bets, putting the entire global system at risk.  Ever wonder why you get close to 0% interest rates on your savings?   The Fed decides those rates and prints lots of money, devaluing its buying power for us hungry folk, while making sure there's plenty of easy dough to give to their friends at these international too-big-to fail banks you are forced to bail out when their wild bets go bad.  Why?  Because without them, the world would be free of debt slavery by nations or people, and we could all live in a reasonable manner, getting to know one another in peace, instead of being forced to kill each other in wars funded and created by the guys who understand how to get governments under their control through their money and war mongering wizardry. Yet most of you still believe the Federal Reserve is federal...or some kind of institution under the control of a government whose power is reigned in by the people.  That's just naive.  The time has come to grow up.

And I just have to add this.  I sold my condo in 2006 because I saw what was coming, and I didn't want to be upside down in my mortgage.  I became a renter. People thought I was nuts, because they believed what the Fed and the mainstream media was telling them.  It pays to be skeptical people!  The information is out there.  It's really all there should you care to dig a little. 

So how do they get away with it?  As George Carlin says, "It's a big club, and you ain't in it!"  That means you don't understand how the world really works, and they do.  Too bad for you....goody for them.  You touch money every day, spend it, earn it, but folks, you don't understand it unless you're in the club.  There is a very good reason you don't.  It's called the media.

In 1995, the number of companies owning commercial TV stations declined by more than 40%.  Currently, six major companies control about 90% of our media.   Comcast owns NBC, Disney owns ABC, and News Corp owns Fox Broadcasting.  Cable News networks are all owned by three media giants.  The Telecommunications Act of 1996 lifted limits for the number of radio stations a company could own. Instead of only being allowed 40 stations, Clear Channel Inc. now owns 850! Remember them?  They banned the Dixie Chicks for criticizing King George Bush II.

Time to get real.  Information from diverse, competitive and independent sources is vital to a Democracy.  That's why I try to tell you all, repeatedly, we live in a Corporatocracy.  We are not free, unless we take it upon ourselves to think for ourselves.

Much of what passes for public discourse is based on people's opinions, programming, upbringing, a desire to belong, and outright brainwashing.  The corporate owners do not exist to promote the public interest.  Remember Carlin...you're not in the club! They are there to profit, and they don't care about you!

It disturbs me greatly to see entire generations of Americans under the spell of the corporate media and charming politicians with good teeth.  That, and the public schools "teaching to the test" is enough to make me puke.  When did we throw critical thinking out the window?  When did it become acceptable to outsource our thinking to the corporate media, or some God-forsaken political party they trot out every few years to give us the illusion we have a choice, or a voice in what goes on? Who do you think is writing the checks to these politicians and party heads?  Do you really think this tiny elite describe themselves as democrats or republicans?  Come on!

Ok...this is leading to a link...so here goes.  The following article lists 25 things the corporate media can't or doesn't want to talk about.  So, if you'd rather have a mind opened by wonder (as in, I wonder what's really going on here?)...as opposed to having a mind closed by belief, (yes, that woo-woo stuff is true...you cannot easily see or discern things you don't believe to begin with) you might want to take a look at this article.  Think about how much you're missing by clinging to a limited belief system. I dare say, it's worth shedding a few friends here and there to take the high road of discovery in this life...there's lots of cool folks waking up to keep you company.


Merry Christmas...

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