Sorry Virginia, there is no Santa Claus, but there is something far better.

Who needs Santa when we've got people...people who need and love other people and are beginning to remember who and what they are. Divine.

As Christmas approaches we once again find ourselves dealing with questions like...how did this holy holiday, celebrating the life of a man who taught us about our spiritual nature, become a mad dash into materialistic mahem?  Well, like most things, it happened gradually.  We know it's cockeyed, but, hey, all the other folks are doin' the dance, so...dance or be left out, we reckoned.  

The long lost message of Christmas, I believe, was hey cool...this guy came along to let us know that we aren't just little biological bags of water wrapped in skin, but are actually something special.  We have souls...we can transcend our third dimensional reality and limited perception if we put our minds to it.  Notice, I did not say brains.  Our brain is just the processor, the computer if you will.  The mind is infinite, and ultimately not limited to our personal identity as we currently perceive it.  Neither is death the worse thing that can happen, because it's just a passage way into another existence, whereby we have no 3 D body...but do have consciousness.  Of course, just about all religions teach this, but have to some degree or another been hi-jacked by greedy bastards who pretend to be in the know about all this stuff and demand that you bow to some person or entity in order to gain your ticket out of your lack-luster 3 D existence.  They tend to wear robes or some regalia to set them apart from the rest of us, at least in public, live in some pretty, pretty expensive digs, and walk the halls of power along with other greedy bastards in charge of governments, corporations, and the general military industrial complex.

Anyway, to get back to the original message....we are pretty cool.  We do not, when left to ourselves, create world wars or monetary systems designed to reward those who have sold their souls.  We, the vast majority of us still in full possession of our soul, when left to ourselves...heal ourselves and each other, help each other out of jams, grow food and other cool plants, compose beautiful music, paint beautiful pictures and dance with grace entwined with amazing strength. We are called to this reality, even those who have been slowly and carefully seduced...politicians, central bankers, and the more or less unredeemable (at least anytime soon, far as I can tell) members of the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations and Tavistock...the men behind the curtain creating all this poverty, death and destruction, and trying ever so hard to make it look like it's our fault for being so warlike, tribal and generally hateful. Sorry, no.  We are not.  The citizens of Isreal have an active peace and compassion movement, and people all around the world now reject the mainstream presstitutes as minions of the moneyed war mongers.  

The veil is lifting, and just in time for that Mayan calendar thingy on December 21. Could be the end of the world as we know it folks...and wouldn't that be a good thing?  Then, maybe instead of worrying about being able to feed ourselves or worrying about dodging bombs and missiles, we can get about the business of healing ourselves, each other and the world.  

We could start with growing real food, not being force fed genetically modified crap being sold to us by the bastards at Monsanto who spend millions on propoganda and work tirelessly to avoid having to label their crap GMO.  Now get that they have wormed their way into Obama's cabinet and Robyn Gabel's list of corporate contributors (it's not pretty, folks).  Their "patented" seeds have taken over most of our viable farmland, and run real farmers out of business.  I must add they are now attempting to find ways around the 17 year patent expiration, a very sinister move indeed.  Thankfully, they have been banned by a bunch of countries, so there is hope.  The science around ingesting gmo's for humans and animals alike is solid, and very damning (what would you expect when you force genes from bacteria, viruses, animals and humans into food crops?) The fact that Monsanto has a strong foot hold in this country is a sad testiment to the fact that our government has been hi-jacked by the military industrial complex, just as Ike warned.  I must remind you here that Monsanto used to be in the arms business, then went on to create DDT, agent orange, and other wonderful chemicals it claimed would do no long term damage to people.  Uh huh, yeah...WTF people?

Anyway, back to the end of the world as we know it not being such a bad idea.  We could get around to creating a monetary system that works for us.  By us, I mean the 99.99% that are currently being robbed 12 ways by the central banking system and its beneficiaries like Goldman Sachs (who tops the list as they have lots of blood on their hands for what is happening here and in Europe), JP Morgan Chase, and the other big banks with global reach.  This is such a ridiculous charade, I don't even want to start...your mind will overload, and you'll move on to the next blog and read about Evanston's best nail parlor, or something.  But I'll say one thing, when the derivative market blows, look out below.  Things could get pretty interesting.

Ok...the new world...real food, and a just means of exchange free of the "money changers."  Hey, that conveniently brings us back to the cool dude who came along a couple thousand years back and scared the crap out of anyone with any power back then...Pharisees and Roman dictators claiming some divine right over people.  He was so cool, he didn't think a thing of throwing a hissy fit right in the temple when the money changers were doing their thing.  It's the only time I know of that he used rage to make a point.  I suspect that we humans will get, perhaps soon, that he knew something we didn't.  The guys behind the monetary system are not friends to humanity.  They are our worst enemy.  Google around about the founding of the Federal Reserve in 1913 or so.  Descendents of a handful of wealthy and powerul banking families, JP Morgan among them, had to travel in secret, under cover of night, to Jekyll Island off the east coast, to avoid detection during the clandestine meeting that would seal the fate of the US monetary system that would eventually become the global monetary system under their control.  What runs the world? Oil.  Ever hear of the petro-dollar?  Ever wonder why all the dictators that get offed by the US (really, NATO, that's who we work for now) want to stop trading in the dollar?  Keep an eye on Russia and China.  They don't want to play ball with the dollar anymore than Iraq or Libya did.  But they're pretty big and it will take more than some troops in tanks to get them on board.

So then, good food and a just means of exchange.  That leaves us with energy.  Not too long ago, early 1900's I think, a guy named Nikolai Tesla was doing some pretty amazing things with energy that would make our current system (no pun intended) look downright stupid, not to mention, expensive and not too good for the environment.  However, JP Morgan (remember him?...one of the secret founders of the Federal Reserve, which, by the way, is private, not federal) couldn't figure a way to put a meter on the thing.  He figured the Edison route would make him and his descendents even richer than they were (they have names and addresses, folks), so he put his considerable influence and wealth on the energy grid as we now know it. Then a funny thing happed to Tesla's lab.  It burned to the ground.  Funny how that worked out, huh?

So, who knows maybe after this Mayan date comes and goes we won't notice a thing.  But my guess is, if you pay attention to events as they unfold, we may see some things on the horizon that do indeed point us to a new day where energy, money (or what serves people as a convenient means of exchange) and food are not in the hands of greedy bastards who are scared to death of us realizing that we are valuable, lovable (yes, even if you've done bad stuff), and have lots and lots of amazing gifts we have yet to uncover.  That, to me, is the meaning of Christmas.  

Remember what and who you are.  You are divine.


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Eric Lieberman December 13, 2012 at 04:05 AM
June - you have buried real gold in your last paragraph. I do wish that people read that. It is a true gift of the Magi. - Eric


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