We all need to know about William Binney, a whistleblower with very important information for Americans.

The National Security Agency has turned its spying eyes onto you, dear reader. High tech? Forget about it. This will blow your little mind.


The above link will lead you to a New York Times article and 8 minute video. The subject is William Binney, a 32 year veteran of the National Security Agency.Binney left when the NSA turned its spy technologies onto the American people.

He is a true patriot, and has faced harrassment and threats from the US government for speaking out about secretive and invasive policies that historical fascist regimes could only have dreamed of.

As a patriot and whistleblower, Binney is someone we need to know and listen to. The fact is that we no longer have constitutional rights and freedoms.  If that doesn't bother you, then you're numb, dumb, or both.

I have written before about the Patriot Act (signed by Bush) and the NDAA (signed by Obama).  I hope you educate yourself about these acts, and become more interested in learning more.  

Things are moving very quickly now, and there's always more.  I shudder for young people and future generations.  

We all share the responsibility for what becomes of our country.  Sorry, dear reader, showing up at the voting booth is just not enough.  You actually have to take it upon yourself to get educated.  Your government has been high jacked.

I am not saying there are no good people serving in office.  There are 13 Senators who are sponsoring a bill to stop this erosion of our right to privacy. However, many people serving in high ranking positions are subject to forces that you don't understand, because no one has ever told you about them.

It is my quest to get you to pay attention to what is happening to our country before it's too late for us to do anything about it.

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Sully August 29, 2012 at 11:45 PM
As well as police putting an actual tracking device on your car without due cause or judge's order.
Sully August 29, 2012 at 11:51 PM
The Bush administration also gave her the hush order. Both political parties are more about covering their a---s when it comes to national security matters. If I recall correctly, the Bush and Obama "people" made a deal in which possible war crimes or unethical and illegal behavior would be buried.
Jim August 30, 2012 at 12:32 PM
OK, June. What more critically thoughtful concept about our corrupt government than "power corrupts" and our political system at all levels is all about getting, keeping and increasing power. No one should be surprised that the government is corrupt. Think about it for a moment. Take Chicago for a moment; one man, particularly a power hungry one, cannot run a large city be himself. So whom does he/she get to help? his friends and sycophants to whom he/she cannot say "no". In itself, that stimulates corruption. Otherwise, hiring non-friends and non-sycophants would imply that power is shared and not paramount which is contrary to political ambitions which are in large part to stay in power as long as possible. Add money to the mix and corruption is assured in both government and many large businesses.
Jim August 30, 2012 at 12:40 PM
Oh June, I forgot. The American voters are complicit in the corruption by electing corrupt leaders who promise to give the voters goodies if only they will elect whomever. It is an age old cycle in all societies and won't end until people adopt a more intellectual and spiritual mores. Try reviewing the seven deadly sins and the major virtues. Regardless of where they came from, someone observed that societies cannot do well with the sins and without the virtues. In terms of specific instances of governmental corruption, there are too many to discuss in a blog.
Gina Smith October 27, 2012 at 04:21 PM
I love that you point out that there is hope with potential senators that are opposed to this unconstitutional form of government, but I am still extremely let down that all of the patch editors refuse to acknowledge candidates just because they are not connected to the republican or democratic party. The fact that you state that who we vote gives us no more hope or control over future government before you are willing to share with your readers info on all of the candidates is extremely hypocritical. What do you have to lose? A well informed society? The hypocrisy lies in the simple fact that we have an opportunity to elect an outstanding technologist that can lead the way to protect our rights as American citizens and his name is FUJI Shioura. We have a recipe for disaster that has been plaguing us for over a decade now, so what is the harm in change if what we are doing is the death of our right to privacy  and everything else? FUJI accepts no budget no pay and that alone speaks volumes. Please clarify as to why you do not support all of your candidates and why the patch only supports bipartisan political campaigns, we deserve to know at least that. Thank you.


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