Evanston Taxi Numbers, Hangover Cures for a Safe New Year

A safe and happy new year from all of us at Patch.

Goodbye, 2011 and happy New Year from Patch.

Don't forget to stay safe tonight. As a reminder, here are some numbers for local cab companies. According to the City of Evanston website, they are all licensed by the city:


Once you've gotten home safely, here are some tips to prevent a hangover:

-Drink lots of water to stay hydrated

-Twitter user @rorchicago recommends hitting up . Their perfectly greasy omelettes are a great hangover cure.

-Take some vitamin B and B12. Forbes says they can speed recovery after a night of heavy drinking, but warns not to take too much at once.

-Coffee and a cold shower. Take or leave the cold shower part, but we've heard coffee works wonders.

-Tylenol can help, but Twitter user @Roxie323 reminds Evanston Patch readers to avoid taking acetaminophen while drinking. CNN Health says it's safe for most people to take something after drinking, but noted it can be dangerous for alcoholics and others who may be at risk for liver damage.

Happy 2012!


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