Beautiful People

Who in Evanston makes your list?

Oh for Pete’s sake. 

Jennifer Lopez is on the cover of People magazine with the heading “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” underneath her windblown hair.  

Well of course she’s beautiful.  She’s got access to makeup artists, teeth whitening professionals, lighting experts, airbrushing, you name it.

But what makes someone beautiful anyway?

Many of the most beautiful people I know live or work in Evanston, like:

Beth, my next door neighbor: when the winter garden she’d cultivated to serve as a bird sanctuary was carelessly cut down by negligent landscapers, she showed grace and kindness rather than screaming over the mistake.

Nenette, my mail delivery lady: she always leaves little notes on holidays -- and not the kind with self-addressed stamped envelopes.

Glen at Tom Thumb Hobby and Craft:  he greets most customers by name and takes sincere interest in the projects they’re working on.

Margaret and Dina, the stylists at Ergo Salon & Spa: they're young and fun and smart and hip and responsible and interesting…plus they always offer excellent hair advice and psychological counseling when a child goes a little rogue with the scissors.

Connie, my friend who received a bounty of loot from the Oprah Winfrey show, including a brand new car, an iPad, and diamond earrings: she’s so down-to-earth and friendly that you can’t help but see why nice things happen to good people.

Steve and Sharon:  though they no longer have young children, they volunteer weekly at a local elementary school.

These are just some of the beautiful people in MY world, and they mean more to me than Jennifer Lopez ever will. 

Jessica Rudis April 15, 2011 at 05:24 AM
I love this! I see a lot of beautiful people in Evanston every day doing good deeds for each other and going out of their way to be friendly to strangers. I rarely ever get names, but at least a few times every week I either see or experience something that makes me very thankful to be a part of this community.
Clif Brown April 15, 2011 at 07:28 PM
I'd love to see a survey to tell us why people buy those magazines we see on the racks at the supermarket. My partner Judy calls them "trashy magazines" and loves to read them - or rather look at the pictures - just to see the fashions. I admit I enjoy waiting in line and looking at the latest crop of 20-somethings and Jennifer Aniston in bikinis, but the headlines are always the same... "my new life!", "fabulous flat abs!", "look at the bump!" and such. What makes one, say "People" magazine, any better than another? The fact that these mags are at checkout would indicate they sell best as impulse buys so I imagine the more outrageous the headline the better. And don't get me wrong, guys have a weakness too...for car magazines.


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