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Man Dies in Mid-Morning Shooting on McCormick

Enough With This Weather Already

Bring back the sun.

I've reached that point where the weather's teased me too much.

Though I've lived in Illinois my entire life and this yo-yo weather shouldn't come as a surprise, it happens every year:  I'm through with it.

I feel teased. Toyed with. Manipulated by Mother Nature.

Sunday morning: sunshine and spring blossoms dotted the landscape. I was  euphoric.  Spring is finally here.  I felt my mood lift. 

Monday morning:  grey, dreary, cold, damp, windy, stormy. Snow covered those poor little spring blossoms.  Ice on the windshields.  Rain on my face.

I'm ready to put away the winter clothes (yup, I'll admit, they're all still in the closets.  It's April and I've learned not to pack them away quite yet).  I'm ready to wear shoes without socks and less than 3 layers of clothing.  I'm ready to close the flue on the fireplace for the season...

...but Mother Nature, it seems, is not quite there yet.


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