Evanston's Hidden Gem: Northwestern's Norris Center

Check out the tandem bike rentals, mini classes, a game room, lunches on the lawn, movies...there's something for everyone.

The first time I experienced NU’s Norris Center, I attended a dance marathon in support of our college babysitter.  I walked into the center gripping the hand of my 2-year-old son and infant daughter, worrying about germs and stairs and the absence of changing tables the entire time. I was a young mom, trying to seem with-it and cool and part of “the scene.”  I loved how the NU students looked at my little ones with such sweet, earnest faces. I overheard comments like, “I used to suck my thumb, too!” and “He’s so little, Man. That little guy looks too young to be walking.” 

I felt like the older, wiser sister back then.

These days, I’m somewhat surprised and yet entirely grateful to feel totally welcome at NU. 

My kids are now old enough to take advantage of the fantastic NU Underground, including a game room and art center.  Did you know NU offers mini courses on every topic imaginable? Plus, they've got lunches on the lawn. Outdoor movies. Bike rentals – including tandem bikes. It’s such a hidden gem...and I rarely hear Evanston residents take advantage of it.

On Thursday, I took my 8-year-old son and three of his friends to the game room in The Norris Center Underground.  What a feast of summer fun.  For $3, each boy could play videogames, ping pong, pool, you name it.  The students were friendly and happy to see “regular kids” hanging out. Check out these Norris Center offerings:



Mini Courses

And, the bike rentals (including tandem bikes) through Norris Outdoors.

If you've never checked out the Norris Center, this might be the perfect time.

Lisa July 15, 2011 at 11:42 AM
I remember going to the Norris Center when i was a teenager, we would be riding our bikes through Northwestern and would often stop at the Norris center to get cooled off or use the Vending machines.....i always felt like we were "sneaking In", or that we would be asked to leave, i thought it was private and for Northwestern Students only. I am so happy to hear we (Evanstonians) go to the Norris Center and hang out and play game. Very cool :)


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