Halloween Aftermath

Trying to look on the bright side.

One week ago, the sun was out, the kids were trick or treating, and soft candlelight glowed from within the jack-o-lanterns.

Now, the kids' candy bags are nearly drained of their booty, we've lost an hour of daylight, and two of my kids have a fierce chest cold which I have since acquired.

Plus, the damned squirrels have gnawed the faces off our pumpkins.

So far, my post-Halloween week isn't starting on a great note.

However, in the midst of typing this article, I received an email from a neighbor about a great new event going on at The Brothers K Coffeehouse on Thursdays from 6-8pm: Christie Boivin of Orange Marigold Graphic Design has started a "craft night" called "Brothers Kraft" to unleash your creativity with other crafters in the community. I'm not even a crafter, but I love the idea of a place for crafters to gather on a chilly night to hang out and share ideas and inspiration.

That's the thing I love about living here. If you look hard enough for it, you can always find the good in Evanston...

...even when your formerly loose pajama pants feel tight from too many TWIX bars (we've got countless places to work out, like the lakefront paths, The , yoga and pilates studios, ...).

...even when it's dark before 5pm (we may not be New York City, but Evanston's a lively place at night, between restaurants, ice cream shops, bookstores, and countless concert venues).

...even when your sinuses are slammed with the hottest new bug to rock the North Shore (we've got health food stores, wellness spas, numerous doctors' offices and TWO Whole Foods, not to mention North Shore University Health System here in town).

...even when varmints pad up your porch to poach your pumpkins' faces (no comment).

Evanston's full of so much talent and energy and creativity that I can't even begin to wrap my head around it.

Cheers to you, Christie Boivin and for launching this cool new community effort bringing crafters and coffee drinkers together. As it gets even cooler by the lake this season, it's efforts like yours that'll get many of us through another long winter in Evanston.


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