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Happy Halloween, Evanston.

Technology's is a powerful thing when used to its full potential, especially when a cellular phone is utilized for texting friends about where the biggest chocolate bars are, or when a smartphone gets used to message an entire social network about the best haunted houses in town (including this year's 16th annual haunted house at 1100 Ridge Avenue -- ).

Good old-fashioned doorbell ringing won't ever be replaced by technology (as far as we know...), but in an age when efficiency is an art form, mobile devices offer the chance to keep our worlds moving a little smoother, especially on Halloween.

A message like, "Avoid the green Victorian at the corner of X and Y streets. Their lights are on...but no one's home!" just might help the tired parents of twin toddlers looking for a few "jackpot" trick-or-treat spots before bedtime.

Similarly, think of all the communication we could share on the fly during trick-or-treating:

"Line's long at the haunted house, but totally worth it."

"Grey house on X street's serving hot apple cider."

"Coach house at XXX Sheridan Road needs extra candy. Anyone have some? URGENT!"

And, real-time photos of today's activities are always a blast to look at. See a fantastic storefront decoration? An exquisitely carved pumpkin? Is there someone dressed up at your downtown Evanston office whose costume deserves to be shared with Patch readers? Upload digital shots of all these highlights from your mobile device quickly and easily right into this article -- everyone's welcome do it.

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Enjoy the festivities!

Jamie October 31, 2012 at 08:38 PM
Help us get rid of our candy! 2031 Pratt Court 1 block from maple and foster


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