How To Post Your Garage and Yard Sales on Evanston Patch

Whether you're jettisoning junk or in search of treasure, Evanston Patch is the place to go.

It's June, which means most of us have made a dent in our spring cleaning -- which also means garage and yard sale season is in full swing.

Here at Evanston Patch we pride ourselves on local, useful information. That includes who has books for a bargain, a dresser in their driveway or some clothes laid out on the lawn.

Posting your garage sale on Evanston Patch is easy ... and even better yet, it's free. You must be registered on Patch and logged in to enter an event, so do that first at evanston.patch.com/login. (If you're signing up for a new account, remember that our Terms of Use do not allow aliases.)

Then click on our "Events" tab on the top of the page and on "Put it on the calendar" near the top right corner. Or just go to evanston.patch.com/events/new.

Fill out the information in the form. You can enter as little or as much as you'd like but be sure to enter your address and check off "Garage Sales" under categories. When you're all done, click on the "Post My Event" button on the bottom left of the screen, and voila!

You can even upload photos of the stuff you're selling, if you have photos of it.

If you're just looking to visit a few garage sales around town, click on "Events" and then "Garage Sales" and you'll be on your way in no time.

Yes, it's that easy ... and remember, it's totally free.

Local non-profit reminder: If you host a sale and have a few leftovers that didn't sell consider donating them to a local charity!


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