Interior Effects

What Evanston’s finest buildings look like -- from the inside out

The camera on my cell phone doesn’t capture stunning photos, but the ones I snapped while waiting at Nichols Middle School during parent/teacher conferences will give you a general idea of what the school looks like inside.

Despite all the discussion about Evanston being overridden with "newfangled" condos and "grotesque modern architecture", there’s still a good deal of old school About Town. Interested in Evanston architecture? The Evanston History Center holds a discussion tonight, titled  "Architectural Evanston: An Armchair Tour" at 7pm

Seeing all the beautiful features inside Nichols Middle School got me thinking: what do other schools and buildings in Evanston look like – really look like -- inside?  What distinct characteristics do readers find interesting?   

They say beauty is more than skin deep, so let's show off the images that make us proud to live here.  Old, new, restored, mid-construction – bring it all into the light. 

Just imagine you’re showing photos to a friend thinking of moving here.  What sort of things do you see that make you think, “This is definitely Evanston”?  What are the unique views offered from our newest and highest condos?  What kind of handcrafted ballustres are on your apartment's railing?  What's your favorite architectural feature in your home?


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