Letter to the Editor: Veolia Reacts to 'Dump the Dump'

Veolia Environmental Services issued a statement Friday on 'Dump the Dump,' a documentary Northwestern University students made about the controversial waste transfer station in Evanston.

Below is a statement from Veolia Environmental Services:

On Thursday, June 7, Evanston Neighbors United, an Evanston-based activist group held a "documentary" video seemingly designed to force out a local business with deep roots in the Evanston community.

The "documentary" focuses only on one side of an ongoing, contentious issue without any regard for Veolia's opinions or facts regarding its ownership and operation of the Waste Transfer Station. The video, created by two film students, drastically distorts the public record in the process. More importantly, the video, which heavily features neighbors who willingly bought property next to the Evanston Transfer station which has been in operation for more than 30 years, unsurprisingly fails to address Veolia's efforts to work with local officials to resolve the City's issues.

Since 2004, Veolia has invested $4 million in upgrades to the Evanston Transfer Station facility while offering numerous further additions or renovations, only to have its proposed efforts rejected by Evanston officials. Specifically, the City of Evanston has refused Veolia's offer to:

  • Negotiate a host agreement that would provide an ongoing revenue stream to the city;
  • Revamp the entrance to the facility to accommodate traffic flow; and
  • Demolish buildings on the property to improve aesthetics. 

The fact remains that Veolia's Evanston Transfer Station is in full compliance with all state and federal laws. Veolia's employees process the waste that we all create for transfer to permanent landfills. Veolia's goal is to remain an important part of the Evanston community and a good corporate citizen, as it historically has been.

T. Noble June 12, 2012 at 11:08 AM
No matter where you live... economic development is a plus for any city. More jobs, adequate housing and affordable taxes... it's hard to argue that it shouldn't benefit all citizens. Unfortunately, the previously zoned "light industrial" area, that Veolia has called a suitable waste transfer site for the past 10 years, does neither. Few Evanston residents are employed at the site, the tax return on the the parcel is relatively insignificant compared to other Evanston properties and the constant flow of heavy duty vehicles in and out of the faciity is destroying our roadway infrastructure (and Veolia doesn't want to do anything about it.) Just take a ride down Church Street, a main throughfare welcoming visitors to our lovely City, on a hot summer day and it's hard to argue this site is not impacting our entire Community. Just take a look at the adjoining business district. Really folks, is there a rational argument for the existence of a garbage dump in the middle of a residential neighborhood? You can throw rocks at those in opposition, you can post irresponsible statements about the Environmental Injustice of the issue; but how can you intelligently argue that this is the perfect location to process hundreds of tons of garbage? I just don't get it.
michael June 12, 2012 at 05:14 PM
Come on now............. Church Street a gateway to our fair city????????? The "adjoining business district" has been this way and worse since I moved in. Remenber Monty's? (loved that place) Stop creating garbage and I might listen to you. Moving Veolia to someone elses yard just moves everything about your, "Not in my backyard" feelings. Taxes? Who cares Ours are so high with or without Veolia that maybe working with them..ie:Northwestern and we could just slove the problems.
LeilaDDL June 12, 2012 at 06:47 PM
"Stop creating garbage and I might listen to you. Moving Veolia to someone elses yard just moves everything about your, "Not in my backyard" feelings." Amen to that. These people wouldn't be opening their mouths if it wasn't in their backyard. Sometimes I regret moving to Evanston. First the outrage of a bar and grill coming to Fountain Square, and now this.
lucas June 13, 2012 at 01:56 AM
your right Kristen they should do like other businesses have done Leave Evanston and it's anti business Environnement. Cty Council have there eye on this property for another TIF?
jim June 13, 2012 at 11:09 PM
Lets see the lumber company left years ago. Trying toforce out Veolia next. Guess next year it will be Cahill


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