Mathias 'Brings Experience, Knowledge and Skill'

Letter to the editor

I read with interest Carol Sente’s claim that Sid Mathias has been serving our community for too long.

From my view as a resident of Buffalo Grove Sid’s experience as our Mayor and as a legislator are shining examples of what we do want from a public official. Sid knows how negotiate with people of differing views. He knows how to work across the aisle to successfully pass important legislation. His experience as Mayor gives him a working knowledge of the issues facing Municipalities today. His position as lead minority spokesman on transportation gives him the knowledge to help negotiate important projects like bringing the North Central Metra route to Buffalo Grove and beyond and to try to forge a comprise to allow the important route 53 expansion.

Sid brings experience, knowledge and skill to his position as State Legislator. I wish all legislators had his skills.

Randy Finfer

Buffalo Grove

John L October 09, 2012 at 10:33 PM
hear, hear! Sid has always supported both community and charity events. I have never known him to committ a dishonest act. He stays in touch with his constituents and keeps us up to date on the latest developments. His history and his attitude make him the man for the job. If it were not for redistricting, we wouldn't even be discussing it. He represents us! Prairie View, IL


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