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Man Dies in Mid-Morning Shooting on McCormick

Patch Publication of Non-Local Stories

Patch's decision to fire most of its editors seems to be having a truly adverse impact on content. There has been a proliferation of non-local articles that have no relevance to the local community. There is a link at the moment to a very amusing, but completely not relevant article discussing a children's play center hosting a nude adult party [absolutely no kids present] on a Saturday night....who cares. It would certainly be amusing if someplace in Evanston held an all nude social function but, somehow I doubt anyone would want to see photos of all of the residents of the King Home naked. Then we have the Beverly Hills crackpot that publishes the article over the issue of ecig regulation in Los Angeles.....Chicago and Evanston have already banned the high tech cancer sticks....why is it getting mixed with local news. It would truly be helpful if Patch would explain what it is and isn't trying to be...readers and yes advertisers could then decide if Patch is a forum where they want to spend their time.


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