Scary Stuff

Quite a few frightening things going on in Evanston.

There's hardly enough room to describe all the scary goings-on in Evanston in just one column; for now, here's the bullet-point version:

* took place on or near the campus this week.

* Halloween-themed stores are now open in the former Blockbuster Video and Border's Books locations.

* Evanston author Sharon Fiffer's novel, SCARY STUFF, just might be the perfect book to curl up with these days. Too bad there's only one more hardcover in stock at a discounted price on Amazon. In fact, It costs less the Kindle version...now THAT'S scary!

* Hundreds of middle-aged fans of the 80's rock group English Beat got all hot & sweaty Wednesday night at as the band played all its best tunes.

*Scariest of all? I've become one of those middle-aged fans.


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