Sometimes horses make the best therapists.

Today, more active military are losing their lives to suicide than to enemy RPGs and IEDs. 

In November, Evanston marketing company dvMail will shut down our marketing business and devote one week to raise awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the free therapies available to treat it. 

We're producing a fund-raising documentary for Trauma and Resiliency Resources, a 501-3(c) charity,  at their Warrior Camp in New Hampshire.  Therapists with TRR have been treating New York first responders since the towers fell on 9/11. Now these services will be available at no cost to service combat trauma veterans. You'll find the details of their program and therapies here:


"Support our troops" is a battlecry that too often fails to result in actual support.  We believe this is an opportunity for us to use our expertise to provide concrete support to those who have given on our behalf and now need our help.

We are proud to partner with TRR to provide that help. We would appreciate it if you would consider writing about our mission.


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