Additional Officers Deployed After 2 Shot in 24 Hours in Evanston

The shootings are believed to be related and not random.

Additional Evanston police officers are patrolling the streets after two Evanston men were shot in less than 24 hours. The city says the shootings were likely related and not random.

The first shooting occurred Monday evening in the 1700 block of Payne. You can read more about that incident here.

The second happened Tuesday afternoon in the 2000 block of Dodge. You can read more about that shooting here.

The following statement was posted to the city website by City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz:

Two young men have been shot in the City of Evanston during the last twenty-four hours.  The Evanston Police Department is currently investigating both incidents.  Current information indicates that these shootings were not random acts of violence and were related.

Evanston Police Chief Rich Eddington has deployed additional officers into the field this evening (Tuesday July 8) and additional officers will be assigned as needed in the coming days.  In addition, staff from the City's Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services Youth and Young Adult Division are also working in the community with young people as a resource.

My thanks to all City staff for their dedicated service to the residents of Evanston.

Anyone with information regarding these incidents are asked to call the Evanston Police Department Detective Bureau at 847-866-5040 or utilize the anonymous test-a-tip program by texting CRIMES (274637) with EPD TIP in message line followed by the tip information.

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Tantor July 15, 2014 at 12:24 AM
Let us not forget that, unfortunately, gang bangers not just shoot each other, but also engage in all sorts of illegal activities (drug trafficking, giving drugs to young women and prostituting them, mugging, graffiti, vandalizing, guns trafficking, burglaries, etc. etc.). So the problem is not just that they kill each other (which is bad enough) or members of the other gang's family, including women and children, which again is bad enough, or that while doing so they may also shoot some unrelated bystander. The problem is that gangs and their illegal activities exist and continue to grow, to the count of up to 70000 gangsters among the Vice Lords of Chicago alone, according to the Chicago Crime Commission. The solution is not just police (only a few thousand in Chicago alone), but also church pastors, parents, mentoring by reformed gangsters, guidance so they take up regular jobs like the illegal Mexicans do (cleaning, lawn maintenance, snow removal, picking fruit in California, etc. ), etc.
IgnorantA July 15, 2014 at 11:24 AM
I could not agree more Tantor, gangs effect the community in a negative ways, however, I think we can also agree there is a slight difference between a gang banger with a gun and a banger with heroin \ meth \ etc... guns can kill innocent people while a dealer is not accidentally killing a stranger through carelessness or bravado. For the most part, addicts seek out the dealer. While women can be forced into prostitution (separate tangent)... a hooker is not going to randomly kill an innocent victim, people visit hookers... guns in the hands of idiots that are protecting these activates are the things that can kill innocent people... and I think that is what we are talking about here, innocent people. If a banger kills another banger, yes, a many levels, tragedy. However, most of society, views it as, you choose a gang life style... thats what happens, etc... life moves on. When a dealer sells meth to a HS kid who overdoses, again, huge tragedy, not minimizing the effect on friends and family, but people will say, "That the thing that happens to addicts", when a hooker transmits a STD, (or vice versa)... well you play with fire, sometimes you are going to get burned.... guns are different then all of these, I have a choice as a responsible addict to avoid drugs and prostitution. I do not have a choice when I am the victim of a random / accidental act of violence.
IgnorantA July 15, 2014 at 11:29 AM
opps... meant to say "I have a choice as a responsible adult to avoid drugs and prostitution. I do not have a choice when I am the victim of a random / accidental act of violence. " Freudian slip?? lol
Karen July 15, 2014 at 11:38 AM
Yes, what are these kids doing? They have resources here and a community that wants the best for them. It's not like it's Englewood where there are few signs of hope, no positive role models, etcetera. If they want that life, maybe they should move there. But, the biggest problem that has changed everything is the incredibly easy availability of guns. Guns are FLOODING to Chicago via Indiana that have very loose gun laws -- loopholes galore. Sure, before the loosening of gun laws, true criminals or serious gang bangers would and could get their hands on a gun but now any kid can and does. The consequences of a disagreement or a diss is not just a fight but a gun fight. We have to push back and fight the NRA and gun mania !
Tantor July 15, 2014 at 06:20 PM
In the 1920's, with the economy not better than it is now, firearms could be bought over the counter without FOIDs. Yet the killings, muggings, burglaries, etc. were a fraction of what they are today. See this article by University of Chicago professor Lipson showing that something else has changed, and that the problem is not the guns, but something else: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2014-07-10/opinion/ct-violence-chicago-gangsters-july-4th-weekend-lip-20140715_1_bugs-moran-submachine-gun-chicago-tribune Obviously the problem is not the easy availability of firearms, which were easier to get in America in years past.


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