Car Drives Through Irsay Family Building in Skokie

The Irsay family owns the NFL's Indianapolis Colts. Much of their fortune was made in Skokie, where they still own property today. On Tuesday morning, however, a car drove through one of their buildings in Skokie.

A man drove his car through a building once owned by Indianapolis Colts icon Robert Irsay on Tuesday around 12:20 a.m.

The driver, who was heading southbound on Laramie Ave. continued going straight instead of veering left onto Lincoln Avenue, police said. The person’s vehicle went onto the sidewalk and then struck – and destroyed – a park bench. The vehicle continued moving forward until it made contact with a tree, several bushes and a structural support beam.

Skokie Fire Chief Ralph Czerwinski said the driver was found standing outside his vehicle when authorities arrived. The motorist was later transported to Skokie Hospital to treat non-life threatening injuries. No bystanders were injured.

Meanwhile, engineers from the Village of Skokie worked relentlessly to repair the structure. The vehicle – a Subaru SUV – was still attached to the metal beam pillar while workers made repairs. Due to safety reasons, officers are unable to investigate the inside of the vehicle until repairmen are finished, police said. Officers are also awaiting a toxicology report of the driver from hospital officials.

At this time, it is unclear whether the man was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. That information should become available after engineers finish their repairs.

Building history

Robert Irsay made his fortune through his business, the Robert Irsay Company of Skokie, during the early 70s. The building would later exchange hands to his son, now Colts owner Jim Irsay, and later to a different Irsay relative. The word “COLTS” is also prominently featured on the side of the building.

The Robert Irsay Company is still present in Skokie today, but that building is located at 8130 St. Louis Ave.


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