Coast Guard Responds to False Alarm Involving Kayak

The U.S. Coast Guard and Chicago Fire Department responded to the Evanston lakefront at Howard Street after a 911 caller reported that a kayaker was in trouble. The boater turned out to be fine.

A Chicago Fire department helicopter and Coast Guard vessel responded to a call about a boat in distress that turned out to be a false alarm near Howard Street in Evanston Tuesday afternoon.

Chicago firefighters were first on the scene at 3:21 p.m., after a 911 caller reported that a kayaker appeared to be having trouble, a spokesperson for the department said. As is customary with any incident on the lakefront, the fire department sent a helicopter, which confirmed that the kayaker was doing fine.

A Coast Guard ship that was already out on the lake doing training also checked the area to ensure that the kayaker was not in trouble, according to a spokesperson from the Coast Guard station at Wilmette Harbor. 


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